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Top Reasons Why Companies Must Run Pre-Employment Background Check

Top Reasons Why Companies Must Run Pre-Employment Background Check

Hiring an employee is a big investment for any kind of company. As they work with the organization for a long period and also have access to all kinds of information about the company including the background of the company, the company resources, and the information regarding projects they deal with.

During the hiring process, from interviewing a candidate to remitting an offer letter to the candidate the hiring organization thinks a million to billion times to hire a candidate. But in these cases, most of the companies do not consider the necessity of conducting pre-employment background checks. Although, there are many employment verifications companies, be sure to choose the right background verification services from a well-known background verification agency in India.

What Is A Pre-Employment Background Check Or Pre-Employment Screening?

The pre-employment background check is a process in which the complete history and background of the employee are validated including the past company he/ she has worked, tenure, and designation and it also includes the reason for the resignation of job in past companies and eligibility for rehire.

What Is Included In The Pre -Employee Background Verification?

Why Must Companies Run Employee Background Verification?

It’s important to hire any potential candidates who seem right for the company but what is the importance of pre-employment background checks? No worries, these below points will help you understand the reason why your business must consider running a pre-employment background check before you finalize any employment for an applicant.

  • 1. It Highlights the Criminal History

    The main reason most employers run a pre-employment background check is that it flags any criminal records present in the past of the applicant. Sometimes, the criminal records posit someone as untrustworthy, dangerous, and not suitable for hire.

    A thorough pre-employment screening with the help of reliable background verification agency makes the hiring process easy by providing the relevant information of the candidate’s history.

  • 2. It Provides A Safe Work Environment

    The other advantage of using a pre-employment background check is that you can get a safe working environment. It helps you identify the history of the applicant, if you found that the candidate is a sexual predator or a brutal thief you can simply deny hiring the applicant and keep your organization and employees safe by providing a secured and safe environment.

  • 3. It Gives A True Picture Of The Applicant

    A new interviewee comes well prepared with a sunny disposition and pleasing personality and sometimes the individual even dodges the necessary information from the internet and replicates smartly according to the job requirements but how can you determine truth over the falsehood? In this case, a pre-employment screening acts as a life savior.

    It helps you identify the true instincts of the candidate by providing relevant information that will help you know the true picture of the candidate so that you can come up with an appropriate decision.

  • 4. Exposes the Dishonesty

    The employer writes several qualities in their resume but how can you identify whatever is written is valid? He might have forged his certificates, embellished his achievements, or even changed the critical information according to the company’s needs to increase the chances of getting hired.

    In this case, a pre-employment background check helps to validate the information by taking information regarding the employer from different sources like their social profiles or contacting previous co-employer and friends to validate the truth. This will help the interviewer identify the leopard that will never change its spots.

  • 5. Saves from Hiring Expenses

    For companies, employee background verification may be stressful, lengthy process and overwhelming. But you can make it productive by out-sourcing it to a trustworthy background verification agency. It helps you identify the right candidates for the job role by providing the critical information, history, and current background and also helps save the money spent on job openings for placing ads, training new employees & onboarding them to the organization.

A pre-employment background check saves you from all these hiring expenses and time which is very essential for any company and organization.


The pre-employment background checks importance cannot be overemphasized. Consider running a pre-employment screening before hiring any candidate to work for your organization. Several agencies can help you by providing background checks.

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