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What Do Employers Look for In A Background Check Process

What Do Employers Look for In A Background Check Process

Every new hire offers a new opportunity for the productivity of the company but also possesses some risk. Conducting employee background verification during pre-employment screening helps weed out the fraudulent candidates and keeps the business productive and profitable. Here in this blog, we will discuss the things employers look for while performing the background check process.

Why Do Employers Run Background Verification Checks?

Employers run background verification checks on their candidates for several reasons. For example, by reviewing a person’s past the hiring manager can know the risk of hiring the person and safeguards the company and his employees from the fraudulent candidate. On the other hand, background verification checks also help the hiring manager to know whether the candidate is qualified for the job role at hand.

What Do Employers Look Like While On an Employee Background Verification Process?

Below we have recapped some of the most common types of background verification processes while also including the information each of those checks will typically return.

  • • Work history
  • Work history is one of the primary things every employer looks at while assessing a candidate’s profile. During the verification process, the employers consider how the experience of the candidate helps their company grow faster. Job offers also mention that the candidate must have specific years of working experience in the field along with a suitable degree for the type of position they mention.

    In other cases, the employers not just only look at the working experience and degree but also consider the employment history of the candidate to determine the skills and experience applicants may bring to the job. Pre-employment screening works differently compared to any other type of background check. There are various databases to track where the candidate has worked over the years while the candidates self-provide the information on job applications, resumes, and cover letters. Background verification checks are an opportunity for employers to vet the fraudulent candidates that lie on their resumes.

  • • Checking The Credits
  • Some employers consider verifying the credit history of the candidate as part of the pre-employment screening process. These types of checks are mostly prevalent in finance-related jobs such as stock trading, and banking to access the candidate’s financial habits.

    Some employers also believe that evaluating a person on how they handle their money in their personal life will also help in grading the person's overall financial responsibility in the professional realm. If the candidate has poor credits it is believed that it’s a sign of risk for an employer filling the role of the candidate in handling money, accounts, or other financial matters.

    While financial literacy and responsibility are some of the essential key factors for some job roles, there has been debate in recent years about the scenario of checking a candidate’s credits for filling the job role. Student loans, medical bills, and unemployment are some of the factors that can affect the credit score of a person, particularly in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. These factors may cause substantial spikes in employment national wide and disqualifying someone as a reason for bad credit causes exacerbates the problem.

  • • Verifying Criminal records
  • Criminal history is the heart of many background verification protocols. TransUnion data shows that nearly 1 in 4 cases contains a criminal record. Employers have the right to do a criminal record check in India before hiring the candidate. However, it has several key limitations and must be done only for business necessity.

    The policy must be reasonably related to the job requirements and must not possess any personal allegations. If the job role involves a position that requires handling cash, direct contact with the public, and working on sensitive data or personal information then conducting criminal record checks is a necessity for the company. Because there are many legal regulations supporting the criminal background check in India for purpose of safe hiring.

    The criminal record check reveals felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, pending criminal cases, and the history of the incarceration of the candidate as an adult. Many repudiated companies feel it is a major necessity to check if there are any criminal records in a candidate’s history before hiring.

  • • Conducts Digital Address verification
  • The address is the proof of the candidate that he/she is living in a particular area truly. Criminal background checks mostly depend on two pieces of information that are a person’s legal name and where that person lives. Most criminal cases are filled at a country level and are committed in a place where the person lives as a result it is necessary to conduct an address verification check for an employer to stay safely ahead.

    There are two kinds of address verification that consists, physical address verification and digital address verification. While compared to physical address verification running a digital address verification is easy and less time-consuming. In digital address verification, the candidate submits the necessary documents online and the platform validates the address digitally.


These are some of the necessary things employers check during a background verification process. If you are a small-scale or a large-scale company thinking to run background verification services on your employees or a candidate looking for motivation in the background verification process, consider TrueBGV. We are India’s first 360 Verification portal and employment history repository system that provides background verification services to companies.

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