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What Is Candidate Self Verification In Employee Background Verification

What Is Candidate Self Verification In Employee Background Verification

Modern technology has transformed the manual and time-consuming background screening process into a quick and easy process that is essential for hiring and quick onboarding. background verification services are part of the advent of technology that made the hiring process safe and less stress-free and they are more likely to will become essential and efficient in the future as more data sources and new technologies are available.

Self-verification of the candidate is one of the prime examples of the game-changing trends in background verification screening. Conducting employee background verification is a significant step for employers and you can take the advantage of it by building your profile and getting it verified by an authentic and certified employee background verification agency like TrueBGV. By self-verifying your profile you can discover the kind of information that is getting showed to your employers and make sure it represents favorable to you.

1. What Is Self-Verification In Employee Background Verification Services?

Self-verification of a job applicant is a phenomenon in which an employer asks an applicant to obtain employee background verification checks voluntarily from a certified employee background verification agency. With self-verification, a company can ensure the details provided by the candidate are accurate and true. As a candidate knowing the details about yourself helps you identify the errors and helps you prepare for the questions and justify your situations to the employers with confidence.

2. How Do Employee Background Verification Companies Self Verify Your Profile?

Employee background verification agencies like TrueBGV process employee background verification services by going through the public databases, and other resources and verifying the candidate’s identity and the information they provide to the employer. When you show your documents to the recruiters you inspire trust towards you in them and this will increase your chances of hiring. Furthermore, most employers prefer pre-verified candidates as they can start the onboarding and deployment process faster and less stress-free.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Candidate Self-Verification?

A pre-Employment background check is necessary during the hiring process and as a job seeker, performing background verification on yourself can be beneficial in several ways.

  • • Understand your record
    Performing an employee background verification check on yourself will help you determine what information is showing about you to the recruiters and you can discuss and respond to the details questioned by the employer. You can explain to them anything from the eligibility as a candidate to the reason behind any false conventional collusion made on you that may affect your employment in a manner that reveals the employer’s concerns.
  • • Correct any mistakes
    Your records may contain errors or other inaccuracies followed by a background check and there can be a chance that your information or other details were shared with someone who could impact negatively on your search results. Candidate self-verification makes you self-aware of the aware of mistakes as you check them after the verification is done. You can work with the background verification agency, relevant departments, websites, or organizations and correct them. Furthermore, you can notify your employer of any issues and inform them of your further plans.
  • • Display your personality traits positively
    Sharing details about yourself shows the hiring recruiters that you are a trustworthy candidate and they feel safe to hire you. The interviewer may get impressed with your self-verification report on hand when you attend the interview as the actual verifications that you provide are taken at a face value.

4. How Does A Hiring Company Check Your Records?

Many hiring companies take the help of background verification agencies to check the records of the candidate through employment background verification checks. This involves

  • • Education Details and employment history
    Most employers ask for information regarding your educational background and employment history when applying for any job role. This information specifically involves the educational institutions you attended and the degree you have completed including the marks percentage. Make sure the details like names of the organizations you have done your education, and their location are accurate. And also make sure the dates of employment, job titles, and roles and responsibilities of the jobs provided in your resume are true and accurate. A prospective recruiter may request transcripts from your educational institutions so, always ensure that your school has your transcript made and request a copy to check for accuracy.
  • • Address verification
    During the employment background check, process employers may examine your address history with the help of a background verification agency. Always ensure you provide clear details about your address locations as they verify your identity is genuine.
  • • Identity verification
    Identity is an integral part of the pre-employment screening process In India. Employers verify the candidate’s identity as a primary step in background screening. When the identity of the candidate is verified the employers take a further step in other aspects of verification such as verifying your degree, license, and other references. Make sure your identity is clean for a smooth onboarding.
  • • Verifying the reference
    During the hiring process, employers check the references which involve the candidate’s educational history, candidate's background verification, employment, experience, and skills and these documents strongly act in favor of the employer in verifying the candidate is genuine. Background verification is still done in a few companies when you are hired as a referral from the familiar person of the company they work with.



A personal evaluation demonstrates to the employer that the candidate is honest, self-driven, and responsible, and your resume acts as a commitment from the employer as the best candidate for the company to hire and work with which ultimately increases of getting a job and even offer a better pay due to the impression you make on the employer with your self-verified profile. When you work with a background verification agency like TrueBGV.co you can get all the benefits of safe employment screening. We help many candidates by giving them a smooth onboarding and employers by providing all the necessary background verification services including digital address verification service, police verification and Criminal Record Check Online India.