Digital Address Verification

Address Verification Services For Streamlined Hiring

Verifying address and place of residence says a lot about the candidates you hire. So, it’s a must for every company to do address verification before hiring any employee. But every company can able to perform a clear and transparent verification? Of course, it’s a little daunting! That is where TrueBGV comes to light with professional address verification services.

Importance of Address Verification

Address Verification helps determine whether the residential information given by your candidate is genuine and accurate. It helps employers and organizations with the following:

  • Mitigate the risk of recruiting a misidentified candidate
  • Stay compliant with rules and regulations
  • Saves your time by helping you with information-based hiring.
  • Perceive the candidate's criminal history and determine if they are a right fit.

Here's How To Begin With Address Verification Services

Digital Address Verification

Digital Address Verification confirms the provided address by considering the address and a few photos with GPS metadata. It is used to authenticate a person's identity as a crucial identification attribute. It also aids in Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and fraud detection. The process includes –

  • The candidate will receive a link via SMS to kick start the verification process.
  • The location and residence of the candidate will verify using the GPS data.
  • The photograph samples of the candidate’s residence are captured and submitted.
  • Lastly, proof of the address and period of stay is verified.

Physical Address Verification

Physical address verification is a procedure that verifies whether or not the individual address is correct. It can help carrying out communication with the employees in the pre-hiring and post-termination phases. The process includes –

  • We visit the residence of the candidate
  • We perform On spot physical verification
  • We ensure and validate the period of stay
  • We request the identity proof and verify the address

Verify Your Candidate's Address Secure And Easily

Candidates are an asset to any company they work with. Grow your organization with qualified candidates with TrueBGV address verification services.