Criminal Record Check

Criminal Background Check In India

With TrueBGV, reduce the risk of fraud by performing criminal background checks online in India!

Not conducting a criminal record check on candidates can be one of the biggest mistakes an organization makes. This negligence might have the risk of exposing your company to multiple illegal activities and lawsuits. The only way to ensure a safe business environment is by conducting a professional criminal background check.

At TrueBGV we can help you identify the criminal conviction history report or any past criminal activities of the candidate and ensure your organization is not at risk. We understand the importance of criminal record checks and ensure other robust, accurate, and thorough criminal background checks online in India

TrueBGV also follows a criminal background checks system where we conduct multiple databases, follow internet and media sources, check through court records. We search in government records and determine Jurisdictions of the applicant’s address, government intelligence, nationality as designed by our clients. Apart from criminal background checks, we also provide address verification services and police verification checks in India.

Things Getting Checked Through Criminal Record Checks

  • If the candidate found in any Indian court records for the past 7 years
  • If the candidate has been involved in any criminal activity
  • If the candidate has been convicted by the court in past
  • Analyze the sections imposed according to law If any kind of criminal record has been found

From minor to major criminal activities, habits of substantial uses, and other necessary verification checks are can be done by TrueBGV. Even if you want to check your own criminal record, contact (+91) 9711200318 now!