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Why Must You Know About Pre And Post-Employment Background Checks In India?

Why Must You Know About Pre And Post-Employment Background Checks In India?

Many companies prioritize conducting background verification services before remitting an offer letter to the employee. And few companies conduct employee background verification checks after remitting the offer letter based on the needs of the organization. In an organization, employers are confronted with several workforce development challenges, and recruiting the right candidate for the job role is one of the most significant concerns for any recruiter with a highly mobile workforce and global economy. Employers can no longer make employment sound decisions solely based on the interview of the candidate. A corporation is nothing without its potential workforce and it's critical to ensure every candidate is experienced and critical.

By performing pre-employment screening on the candidates, the employers ensure the workforce they are hiring is safe and will continue to provide quality services to the organization. Sometimes, even if employers follow precautions and hire a potential candidate, situations may still go wrong during the tenure. Regular background checks keep the employees protected and accountable throughout their working time with the company. Pre-employment verification is important to the majority of businesses today.

The pre-employment background check is a one-time check that does not provide any information about a candidate's background beyond the point at which the pre-employment check was performed.

It ensures the candidate is honest and does not possess any unscrupulous past. A company must be diligent and careful in implementing the policy of continuous post-employment checks.

Difference Between Pre-Employment And Post-Employment Background Checks

The significant distinction between pre-employment and post-employment screening is the time frame. You conduct a pre-employment background check before hiring a candidate based on their history and qualifications and learning about the character and behavior of the candidate. Whereas, post-employment background checks aim to investigate the current employee's background and aid in maintaining the workforce, integrity, and standards of the employee after remitting the offer letter to the candidate.

Benefits of Conducting Post-Employment Background Verification

  • • Like pre-employment background checks, the practice of post-employment screening is also a common practice among employers. These post-employment background checks can notify employers about the criminal history, and even also reveal recent convictions which may be critical for those in the position of trust such as those in charge of large sums of money.
  • • The organization's image can be at risk if the employee engages in ongoing criminal activity and the customers may also lose trust in the organization. Consider the sexual abuse in childcare organizations where the criminal activity can go on for years and decades. But by conducting post-employment background checks you can save your organization from these kinds of dangerous acts.
  • • Employers who plan to implement continuous screening after every two or three years must consider the position and assets of the designation and access the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, prioritize running background checks on candidates holding key positions. Post-employment background checks provide ongoing feedback on any criminal records found in the candidate's name.
  • • In today's job-seeker-driven market, many employees are constantly searching for new opportunities when employees make a sudden shift to a new job, putting HR managers in a bind. Conducting the employment background verification check allows the HR manager in making a hiring decision.
  • • Post-employment checks aid in tracking candidates' online activity. This can include the candidate's activity on job boards, social media sites like LinkedIn, and other similar sites, and can provide HR managers with a deep insight into the candidate's long-term intentions.
  • • Many employees seek new educational credentials to advance up the corporate ladder. An ongoing post-employment background check verifies the educational credentials submitted and ensures that only the most deserving candidates are promoted.

What To Expect From Pre And Post Employee Background Checks?

The majority of employees expect to be screened during the hiring process and employers have the legal right to conduct background checks on their employees after hiring. Before conducting a background verification check the employer must have given written consent to the employee.

There are many reasons for running a background check after hiring which may depend based on the industry, promotions, or other events that may necessitate a second screening. Employers in certain industries may frequently conduct background checks after hiring to reduce risk to their clients, business, and other employees. Background checks are also recommended or required after hiring in industries that are highly regulated or have a high risk of fraud. Before conducting a background verification check the employer must consider the following:

  • • The employer must communicate clearly about the consent from the potential employees for a post-employment or pre-employment background check in order to evade employee dissatisfaction or distrust of the organization.
  • • The employer needs to ensure that the screening is relevant to designations-related employees.
  • • Employees must be rescreened regularly every 12 – 18 months to ensure the safety of the organization
  • • The employer must consider approaching an updated service that provides frequent access to the information of the employee.

In today's highly competitive business environment, it's critical to identify and address any potential threats to your company. Reliable employees will help your company grow and build a positive reputation, and you must know whom you're working with.

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