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Why Employees Get Disqualified In Pre-Employment Background Check

Why Employees Get Disqualified In Pre-Employment Background Check

A majority of employers in recent years have included background verification services for their job applicants before making an official decision on hiring. Employers look at the candidate’s employment history, criminal record, education, credit history, and other details and activities of the candidate. Even if you have a job offer readily on your table or in your email box you must go through a pre-employment background check first. These pre-employment screenings are very essential for any job process.

You might be attending countless job interviews and still getting rejected during the background check screening process. Have you ever wondered why this is happening to you? It's time not to turn a blind eye and dive deep into the reasons that have caused difficulty during the job process.

Below we have listed some of the common red flags that can disqualify you as a job seeker during a background check process.

1. You Have Substantial Criminal History

A criminal record is a major thing employers check when screening the job application of the candidate. The simple existence of a criminal conviction on your record doesn’t mean that you will be disqualified in terms of employment. Most employers do not overlook older convictions or misdemeanor offenses caused in the past. Deal breakers and people who aren’t recidivists are regularly given the benefit of doubt that they are trying to rebuild their lives after being convicted in a criminal offense case. Sex offenders, violent criminals, embezzlers, and notorious repeat offenders, are just some of the groups that have the chance to lose their jobs repeatedly due to criminal history background checks.

In some companies’ minor incidents or misdemeanors will be overlooked and serious ones are likely to be put into trouble during the employment screening process.

2. You Lied On Your Resume

Employment background checks uncover an applicant’s criminal history and even act better for unmasking dishonesty on the CV or the resume of the job applicant. Maybe you claimed a college degree that you don’t have, or perhaps you lied about the hire date or the job title in your resume they can find it all with background verification services and if you are caught lying in your resume it can cost you losing a job opportunity.

Most employers tie up with background verification services from the background verification agency to know the details of the employee. Including their skill sets, the period or the time frame they have worked, the job role they had, and get some idea about the duties and work ethics of the candidate. These background verification companies pass out information to the HR team of the respected company.

3. Your Previous Employer Gave Bad Review About You

A good review from past employers goes a long way for the job applicant. It allows the employers to learn much about the character, conduct, and overall suitability of the candidate for the work role. This is the reason hiring managers probably speak with the former bosses and learn about your character, workflow, and other aspects.

Due to a few legal claims or other similar issues some former employees won’t be willing to speak about hiring dates, job titles, and salaries. But in case you left your job on bad terms or due to clashes you had with your boss there can be a chance that information can be passed out during the pre-employment screening process and it might show a negative impact on your job application.

4. You Have Failed In A Alcohol Or Drug Test

Alcohol and drug tests are also job-dependent. In the process of drug screening, biological samples from your body such as hair, saliva, blood, and urine are taken to look for any chemical residue in the body. Some industries like trucking and machinery have Indian drug testing laws to these rules. The employees may be tested if they have an accident on the job or are chronically late to the work. If the candidates fail the drug test, then they might become a liability to the company.

5. Inconsistency In Education Or The Experience

One of the most common reasons that disqualify the background check is the inconsistency in the areas like experience and education. If a background check for employment pulls out different information than what you have mentioned in your job application, then it can make you appear fraudulent and disqualify you in the background screening verification process.

6. Multiple Short-Lived Jobs

Similarly, due to a few multiple periods of unemployment some people with several short-lived jobs also have the concern to lose the job opportunities. While temporary and seasonal jobs are perfectly fine and help to gain a lot of experience. Someone who moves continuously from one job to another won’t work well for the company. It could signal that you are fired and forcefully resigned or they are unhappy with your work and position.

Make sure you have a great relationship with your co-employees and gain experience in the relevant field this opens doors to many wonderful opportunities and helps your career flourish with success.


As a job seeker, it is always essential to know what kind of information is being shared about you. As an employer, you must know that background checks are critical to protecting the safety of the organization. As a reputed organization you must be choosy and careful while recruiting the candidates for your organization. If you are looking for employee background verification companies in India online, we have got you covered. We at TrueBGV are equipped with a team of professionals who can help you with pre-employment background screening services.