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Everything You Need To Know About Address Verification Services

Everything You Need To Know About Address Verification Services

Every company takes safeguarding steps to prevent fraudulent encounters in the company and the primary step begins with background verification. However, background verification changes with the industry. But one that stays constant is address verification.

The address is a part of a person's identity. If someone is faking their address means, he/she is potentially faking their identity. By keeping this under consideration let's dive deep into the address verification and how to see how it serves you the best.

What Is Address Verification?

Address verification involves verifying the candidate’s claim of living in a particular location. Some of the most useful cases of address verification are banks onboarding a new customer, companies hiring an employee, universities granting scholarships to the students and much more.

Any employee working in a company has the access to the sensitive information of the company. Therefore it is necessary to hire an employee who can be trusted and authentic. In this case, address verification acts as one step ahead in identifying the true identity of the employee.

Address verification is very important for banks and businesses. By conducting address verification services the chances of hiring a fraudulent person will be reduced and confirms that the applicant’s details are genuine.

How To Conduct Address Verification?

Address verification can be practiced in two ways

  • 1. Physical verification
  • 2. Digital verification

Physical verification:

The process of physical address verification is carried out by a field officer who checks the details physically that include:

  • • Applicant’s tenure of stay In address verification of tenets stay it includes the temporary and permanent address of the applicant but the permanent address is considered more reliable.
  • • Names of members that are residing with the applicant

Digital Address verification

Digital address verification is done online and it is much easier compared to physical address verification. In digital address verification, the candidate submits his/her documents digitally online and the platform gets the address validated digitally.

The platform draws the latitude and longitude, coordinates, and conforms to the existence of mentioned location.

What Documents Are Valid For Address Verification In India?

Below are the following documents that are required for the address verification in India.

  • • The lease agreement of the candidate who stays currently in an area with the signatures done by the landlord or tenant
  • • Utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, internet, etc. As qualifying proof of address.
  • • Bank statement with date and issue containing the name of the account holder
  • • Credit card statement that must not be less than 3-6 months.

Why Does The Address Verification Service Act As A Critical Part Of The Background Verification Service?

  • Saves company’s reputation
    It saves your company's reputation by protecting your business from the risk of hiring misidentified candidates and liability. It reduces the risk of miscreant candidates that steal confidential details of your business. It protects you from legal ramifications.
  • Helps maintain Company ethos in tune with the legal bodies
    The address verification checks come in handy in case of a criminal record check. In the case when an employee involves in a criminal act the concerned authorities investigate the case. In this scenario, the address verification check helps the authorities by locating the suspect followed by other formalities.
  • Acts As A Handy Document
    The address verification document serves as an important piece of paper in the case of official affairs. For sending critical documents, official letters, etc, address verification helps to validate the authentic address of the destination.
  • Provides a safer work environment
    Due to the rapid changes during the pandemic times, many workplaces have experienced spurious employees without running the background verification check. In this case, an address verification check helps in identifying the employees and provides a safe work environment.

Challenges with Address Verification Process May be an Overwhelming task for companies. Yet, choosing the best background verification agency can definitely help you overcome challenges that you might face with address verification

The address verification has some of the challenges that include:

  • Logistical constraints:
    The address verification process cannot happen without having adequate technology and infrastructure. TrueBGV uses the latest technology to offer various employment screening services by providing a safe and secured infrastructure that makes it possible to beat the traditional methods of address verification.
  • Remote method
    Verifying the applicants of the candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic is not easy because the remote setup increases the terms of uncertainty of the hiring process by making them difficult to identify the fraudulent candidates. In this case, digital verification acts as a life savior in avoiding physical verification frauds.
  • Structural errors
    Many applicants make mistakes while writing abbreviations and fail to mention address details like a landmark, zip code, etc. This can lead to incorrect or inadequate data that compiles the process. You can solve this by extracting data directly from ID documents. Digital verification platforms like TrueBGV provides a safe platform for keeping the safe onboarding page of the employee.
  • Problem with blue collars
    Various e-commerce sites involve extensive buying and selling of goods, products, and services daily. And most blue-collar workers move from place to place to make some quick money. In this case, they are more likely to live at a temporary address which is not considered as a valuable source to authenticate address verification checks.


A quick and easy address verification service eliminates fake identities and fake cases of any person. Candidates who pass in address verification can be verified conveniently by a physical visit for maximum security.

Your company’s security is a prime concern. And the legitimacy connects with it. Now ensure maximum security with TrueBGV to prevent fraudulent encounters. We at TrueBGV provide various employee background verification services along with various employment background checks including criminal record checks, background verification, address verification, and more to make sure your organization is safe and secure from any intruder.